The Propel Approach

Investment Objective

We invest for the long-term with an emphasis on quality and diversification within designated Opportunity Zones.  These elements work together to help us achieve a balanced portfolio with significant potential tax benefits, and help us meet our goal of providing consistent, solid returns to our investors while revitalizing and enhancing the communities we serve.

Objectives: Growth and Income

Minimum Investment: $100,000

Management Fee: 1.5% annual asset management/advisory fee

Investor Profile: Accredited Investor

Investment Philosophy

Propel Opportunity Fund is focused on investing in the growing “sun-belt” area of the United States.  Sun-belt states, so named because they are in the warmer, southern portion of the country, continue to benefit from more in-migration and job-growth than many of the states to the north.  Within the sun-belt states, Propel Opportunity Fund is specifically focused on multi-family, student housing, affordable single-family housing, hospitality and light-industrial investment asset classes, with a clear focus on maximizing returns, minimizing risk, and making a difference in the communities we serve.

We Do Our Research (And Then Some)

We add value to investment properties through renovation, construction and careful management, but we have found that the research and negotiation on the front end is where we often add the most value. That is why we use a methodical approach for every investment we make. Investments are subjected to a thorough multi-step vetting process, and once approved are submitted to additional due diligence.  If at any step in the process the due diligence findings don’t support approved assumptions and projections, the transaction is re-presented to the investment committee, and the transaction may be modified or cancelled.

The Sky’s NOT The Limit

You have the chance to make stratospheric changes in neighborhood communities across the United States. By investing in properties in underserved neighborhoods, you can make a real difference.  As properties are developed, jobs will be created, neighborhoods improved, and the whole community will be positively impacted. Take this opportunity to do good and make an investment that can last a lifetime for you and countless others in communities throughout the country.

Let Us Help

Have questions?  We have answers.  Our friendly, knowledgeable fund specialists are happy to speak with you and answer any questions you may have and provide you with our Offering Memorandum.  Call us, or click the button below to contact us through the website, or if you are ready to get started just click on the button that says, “Let’s Get Started” to be taken to our intake form.

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